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△ 若需要本域名(网址)[已售栏目域名除外],请通过本站联系方式与我们取得联系。您可以拒绝购买域名,但竞争对手兴许不会,收到您的咨询我们会很快回复,所有回复的价格有效期3天。

If you need this domain(website), please contact us to purchase it by our contact information.You may refuse to buy domain names, but competitors may not. We will reply soon after receiving your consultation. All replies are valid for 3 days.

△ 网站没有好域名,即使全力推广,也难以让人记住,造成对广告的长期依赖。好域名一看就记住,节省大笔广告费,还能带来大量的流量!

Website does not have a good domain name, even if fully promoted, it is difficult to remember, resulting in long-term dependence on advertising. A good domain name, remember at a glance, can save a lot of advertising costs, but also bring a lot of traffic!

△ 如果说网站是通向世界的门,那么域名就是这个通向世界之门的门牌号。

If a website is viewed as profile to the Internet world, then a domain is simply face of the website.


If Internet is compared as real estate, Then a domain can be compared as a port or location.


Good domains are always resource of rarity, They brings to you more visitors and traffic, And consequently more business opportunities and revenue.


Domains are non-renewable resource. If it already in your hands, it means that others can not have it.

△ 最适合您的域名一般不多,也许仅此一个;错过一时,遗憾一生。

The most suitable domain for you is not enough, Maybe the only one.;Miss it in a moment, regret all life.

△ 注意到本域名,证明了您卓越的眼光,也证明了此域名的价值。

Your notice of this domain name reflects your business sense, As well as value of the domain name.


If the domain of Trade、Brand or trade name is not in your own hands, That means lossing the key entry on the Internet.


Once the domain falls into the competitor,  It is tantamount to a sustained blow.Domain is being sold, not to be bought by competitors, and loss of customers.

△顶级域名,自然天成!互联网+时代 你应当拥有一个像样的域名,创建一个顶级网站,跟上互联网+时代的步伐。

Top-level domain, Naturalness! Internet+ times, you should have a excellent domain name, create a top-level site, Stay ahead with Internet+ times step.


The trend of development has been walking in the forefront of the times,we must grasp the outlet,As the fly pig!


Do not worry about the project did not to do, boutique in hand, the domain name can preserve and increase value.


As early as the day to own it, as long as a day you to be Calm;As early as the day to use it, as long as a day you to benefit.



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